Series Overview
As we prepare our hearts for Easter we going to unpack the history of the Hebrew people. We will start by looking at the first Passover as the Israelites left Egypt and than the Passover (the last supper) that Jesus had with this disciples. We will see how the lamb was the trade for the sin of the Hebrew people and than Jesus was the trade for the lamb to be the final sacrifice. This will pack one central message—that Jesus wants us to trade up. He wants us to trade what we know, what we think, how we see others for something better. It’s a beautiful trade, because not only do we exchange something for something different, we exchange our lives, our perspectives for something better. It’s a message that’s at the heart of the Easter story.

Session 1: Exchange (April 10th Jr. High - April 13 High School)

Have you ever had to do research for a class paper? Sometimes you start out with your topic thinking that you know exactly what you are going to write about. But then, after you start reading some books and digging into the research, you realize that you actually know very little about the topic and have to start from scratch and just learn. You have to trade what you think you know for what you don’t. And it’s the same when it comes to fully understanding what Jesus did for us. Sometimes we have to step back and see the Easter story as not just one story of the Bible but the fulfillment of all other stories in the Bible.

Session 2: Swap (April 17th Jr. High - April 20th High School)

This week we will look at the Last Supper. This is where Jesus takes a tradition of the Jewish people, “The Passover” and apply it to himself. That He is the better passover. Because of what He was prepared to do on the cross would take away all sin once and for all.
This week we are also going to look at the week leading up to Easter. How everything that was done was leading to the cross and ultimately the resurrection. This night is going to be very personal and reflective as we look at the 13 stages of the cross.