Our Mission
Leading Junior High students into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Strategy
  • Our strategy is to create environments where students feel welcomed and accepted as they are.
  • Lead students to experience God in a personal way.
  • Help each student take ownership of their relationship with Jesus Christ through teaching, small group discussion, music, and serving.
  • Once a student know who they are in Christ they can have great influence their friends and family.

The Win
The win for us is to see students discover a faith of their own that will set a foundation of faith and beliefs before they enter adulthood.

The Connection
We have small group leaders that connect relationally with 5-10 students to build relationships and celebrate spiritual growth. The relationship between leaders and students is strengthened through regular contact at the end of our gatherings, as well as outside of regular gathering such as Orchard Students events, group outings, and regular contact (calls, texts and emails). The small group experience is the cornerstone of Orchard student Ministry!


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