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In Your Corner

by Jessica Synan

In high school, no one wants to talk about “honoring your parents.” It just doesn’t come up in conversation. Everyone talks about how annoying their parents are and how many restrictions they have to deal with. There’s always something to complain about.

A friend of mine (we’ll call her Leah) recently called to inform me that she had smoked marijuana the night before. Leah is seventeen, a state-ranked swimmer and a struggling Christian. And you know what? Even though she could get away with whatever she wanted to do, she still hated her mom for being too much in her business.

Leah really didn’t see a need to honor her parents in her actions and decisions. She only cared about her life. She didn’t understand that her actions reflected on her parents, that they hurt her parents and that she was putting up giant walls in those relationships.

A few weeks later, after she and I had engaged in several difficult conversations, she finally decided to talk to her mom about the stuff that was going on with her. Of course her mom cried. A lot. And Leah felt even more horrible because she could see just how much her lifestyle of selfishness hurt her mom.

I talked with Leah and let her know that even though this time of healing in the relationship with her mom was painful, it was worth it in the long run. She needed someone “in her corner,” and I knew that her mom was the perfect person for that job. Things weren’t easy. They still aren’t. But at least Leah is now on the right track toward honoring her parents.

Are you like Leah? Even though you believe in God, do you still do things that don’t honor your parents? Do you need to sit down and have a serious talk with your parents about some of the things that have been less-than-honoring in your life lately?

It’s not an easy task to start really honoring your parents, but God promises that when we honor them, it will “go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth” (Ephesians 6:3 NIV).


The Good Fight (Family Series)

by Damian McCrink

Dear Parents of Teenagers,

As the Student Pastor here at The Orchard Community, I am excited to announce an upcoming series for you and your student. We know that we only have a limited window of influence in your teenagerʼs life, but as parents you have a lifetime of influence. In student ministry we often stress the importance of having a right relationship with oneʼs parents. We also know that the teen years can be a difficult season that can cause a strain on relationships within the family. As a parent of two toddlers, my wife Nancy and I have learned to choose our battles. I know this is even more the case in the teen years. The Good Fight series gives you and your teen something to fight for: your relationship with one another. I encourage you as we begin the New Year to be a part of this three week series. I am not promising that all of your problems will be solved, but I do believe it will be a good starting point for building a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your teen. During our time together we will have fun games to play, worship led by our youth, and group teaching. There will also be a break-out time where you will hear from other parents who have survived the teen years and others who are just on the brink. Please join us for this exciting series. I look forward to the journey.


Damian McCrink
Student Ministry Pastor