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The Good Fight (Family Series)

by Damian McCrink

Dear Parents of Teenagers,

As the Student Pastor here at The Orchard Community, I am excited to announce an upcoming series for you and your student. We know that we only have a limited window of influence in your teenagerʼs life, but as parents you have a lifetime of influence. In student ministry we often stress the importance of having a right relationship with oneʼs parents. We also know that the teen years can be a difficult season that can cause a strain on relationships within the family. As a parent of two toddlers, my wife Nancy and I have learned to choose our battles. I know this is even more the case in the teen years. The Good Fight series gives you and your teen something to fight for: your relationship with one another. I encourage you as we begin the New Year to be a part of this three week series. I am not promising that all of your problems will be solved, but I do believe it will be a good starting point for building a healthy, long-lasting relationship with your teen. During our time together we will have fun games to play, worship led by our youth, and group teaching. There will also be a break-out time where you will hear from other parents who have survived the teen years and others who are just on the brink. Please join us for this exciting series. I look forward to the journey.


Damian McCrink
Student Ministry Pastor


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